Quality Vizslas and English Setters


You've read the books and articles.  They all say what great family dogs Vizslas are; how loyal, loving, and good-natured.  They make them sound like the perfect dog for everyone.  But read this list, and then ask yourself...

Do you REALLY want a Vizsla?

If you are new to the breed, here are some things to think about:

Vizslas are notorious "counter-surfers."  Not only will they put their front paws on the countertops, they will actually hop up there to investigate what goodies can be found!

Young Vizslas (less than 2 or 3 years) are extremely energetic and expect you to entertain them.  If not properly entertained, they can be very destructive.

Vizslas LOVE to dig tiger-sized pit traps in the yard, even if they are outside for only 15 minutes at a time.

Vizslas are the original "velcro" dog.  A few years ago, someone coined the slogan "Vizslas - they're everywhere you want to be."  That's the truth.  If you are not prepared to have a dog living on top of your head, don't get a Vizsla!

Some Vizlsas are very vocal and love to make weird noises when "talking."

Vizslas are willing to eat strange things that most other animals consider inedible.  This habit can result in expensive emergency visits to your vet.

Vizslas are creatures of comfort and appreciate the large dog beds (ie - sofas, armchairs, king-size bed) that you supply for them.  Any effort to remove a Vizsla from these comfortable places is futile.

Vizslas are smart and sneaky, and quite capable of out-thinking their owners - especially if it involves food.

Vizslas love to be up high, and it's not uncommon to find them on the dining room table, countertops, or sofa backs.

Vizslas love to jump on people, and the habit is almost impossible to break because almost everyone they meet encourages this behavior!

Most Vizslas have some basic retrieving instinct.  This translates into carrying things around.  Therefore, nothing in your house will be where you left it if it is small enough to fit in your Vizsla's mouth.

Many Vizslas seem to have a fetish for socks, shoes and laundry.

Some Vizslas have very "soft" personalities and if not socialized properly when young, can turn into very timid, anti-social dogs.  Equate them to  somewhat nerdy, very smart, and definitely strange "only" children who have been homeschooled and never allowed to play with other kids - they only want to hang out with their parents and don't know how to function in the outside world.

Many Vizslas eat poop - horse poop, dog poop, cat poop, ANY poop!

Most Vizslas are "lap dogs" regardless of their size or yours!

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