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How We Sell Dogs

Honesty is always the best policy.  When we have a litter or started dog for sale, we try to be as honest as possible about their strengths and weaknesses.  If anything, we'll be a little too critical of our dogs, rather than "play them up" to impress a buyer.  As breeders, we are breeding for ourselves and not for the public market (i.e. - we're not breeding just to sell puppies), so we are very selective in where we place our puppies and dogs.  We ask a lot of questions of potential buyers, not because we are nosy, but because we want to ensure our dogs will be a good match for the buyer and be in exactly the right environment needed for that specific dog.  We require that every buyer meet us in person, so they can see how our pups are raised, and so we can a good understanding of what that buyer is looking for in a dog.

If you are looking for a "click and buy" breeder, you've hit the wrong website.

English Setters

We have a beautiful litter English Setter puppies born 7/30/2018. Dam is Trinity's Xquisite Style ("Porsche") and sire is Trinity's It Just Comes Natural ("George").
PORSCHE is a high-drive, intense girl. Her field trial career was cut short when she developed Nocardiosis (a lung infection caused by inhaling a grass awn) at summer training camp. The resulting permanent lung damage prevents her from ever competing again. However, her potential can not be denied and hopefully she will be a valuable contributor to our lines.
GEORGE is a beautiful, easy-going male with tons of drive and style. He is sweet, intelligent, and has a strong work ethic. George is the result of a frozen semen breeding that brought older bloodlines into our program. He is a fast-rising star with the potential to become our next national-caliber dog.


Blue collar male, tri-color. This is sweet, middle of the pack puppy. He likes attention and has a responsivle, docile personality.

Purple collar male, black & white. This little guy is spunky and sweet! He is a little guy with a big heart. Although the smallest in the litter, he is surprisingly independent and confident. If you are looking for a pocket rocket hunting companion, this is the pup for you.

Black collar male, white with black ticking. SWEET, docile personality, always has a "smile" on his face, fairly laid-back for a setter pup. This little guy loves snuggles, but is also quick to explore when outside.

Light blue collar male, orange & white. This little guy looks just like dear ol' dad, which is why he was dubbed "Little George" right from the beginning. He is quite the character, with a huge personality. He is curious and outgoing, often the clown of the bunch.

Pink collar female, lemon & white. This sweet girl is the last available female. She is a stunning pup who promises to be an eye-catcher as she matures. She is easy to like, with a responsive, somewhat independent personality.


We currently have no Vizsla pups available, and no plans for a litter within the next year.








If you are interested in purchasing a Vizsla or English Setter from another responsible breeder, try contacting the American Kennel Club ( for a breeder referral, or use the breed's Parent Club as a source.

Vizsla Club of America:

English Setter Association of America: 



We work with various dog Rescue groups.  There are often adult Vizslas or English Setters that need new homes due to their previous owner's inexperience with the breed, divorce, major life changes, etc.  These dogs deserve a second chance at a happy home.  The nice thing about a rescued dog is they often come to you already housetrained, crate-trained, finished with the chewing and other "puppy" behavior, and some even have basic obedience training!  Yes, they might have a little "emotional baggage" - but don't we all?  Dogs are  highly adaptable creatures and quickly  bond with their new owners.

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