Quality Vizslas and English Setters

English setter breeder philosophy

We adhere to our breed club's Code of Ethics, and we strive to breed the very best dogs we possibly can.  We realize that although many people want a dog they can hunt with, they also need a dog they can live with.   Our dogs are true family companions - they'll play with your kids, sleep in your bed, and steal your shoes - but when the gear comes out, they know it's time to get serious.

We decided from day one that we wanted to produce dogs with exceptional natural hunting ability and good looks.  Dogs that have the ability to win each and every time they are entered in a Field Trial or Hunt Test.

In order to accomplish these goals, we have searched for, trained and trialed beautiful bitches on which to build our foundation.  We breed to sires that have proven themselves to be excellent hunters and/or field trial competitors.  We are English Setter breeders who are committed to the betterment of our dogs.

Our criterion include:
~Natural hunting ability
~Sire/Dam's hips OFA certified
~Correct breed type
~Structural soundness
~Strong work ethic
~Wonderful temperament



There are a lot of people breeding dogs.  As a result, there are a lot - literally MILLIONS - of unwanted dogs (and cats) in the world.  Breeding our companion animals is a huge responsibility - it is a life-long commitment to the puppies that you produce, the people who purchase from you, and to the breed itself.  Listed below is what we believe is the difference between a "responsible" and "irresponsible" breeder.


  • Breeds with the intention of improving upon what he already has; always strives for the next generation of dogs to be superior to the current in every way.
  • Proves his breeding dogs in conformation or performance events. 
  • Is familiar with the health problems associated with his breed(s) and ensures his breeding dogs are clear of those problems.  Offers certification (OFA, CERF, BAER) to prove dogs are free of hereditary disease, and guarantees puppies will be disease-free as well.
  • Chooses dams/sires for litters based on careful research of pedigrees and structural compatibility.  Ensures that a stud dog will offset a bitch's structural flaws, and vice-versa, in an effort to produce structurally sound puppies.
  • Carefully screens puppy-buyers to ensure that each puppy is sold to an appropriate home.
  • Provides a written sales contract that protects a) the rights of the buyer, b) the rights of the seller, and c) the welfare of the puppy.


  • Breeds to produce puppies.  While these puppies may actually be well-socialized and appear healthy, they are no better specimens than their parents, thus not improving the breed as a whole.
  • Does not prove his dogs in conformation or performance events.  His dogs are "just pets."
  • May be familiar with health problems of the breed, but has done nothing to ensure that his dogs are free of these diseases prior to breeding, and thus can offer no guarantee that the puppies will be free of them.
  • Chooses dams/sires for litters based on convenience and availability.
  • Sells puppies with few questions asked of the puppy-buyers, as long as they have the money in hand.
  • Offers no written sales contract.

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