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FC AFC Trinity's Razzle Dazzle

FC AFC Trinity's Razzle Dazzle "Dazzle" is the foundation bitch for our English Setter breeding program. When we got Dazzle years ago, we had no idea she would have such an impact on English Setters. Out of just 2 litters, she produced 6 Field Champions, 3 Amateur Field Champions, and the first Grand Field Champion English Setter in AKC. Her pups have consistently ranked in the top 5 of AKC's "Top Dogs" listings (English Setters). She was bred to two outstanding males. The first was CH Hytest Skyhawk "Skip" (Jack Elliot).  This breeding produced FC AFC Trinity's Pop'N The Clutch "Poppi" and FC Trinity's Eshod Streak "Streak". Her second breeding to 2X NAFC FC AFC Chukarhill Rimrock Ridge "Ridge" (Cindy Findley) produced GFC FC AFC Trinity's High Plains Drifter "Shiner" (Joe Vinsky), FC AFC Trinity's Million Dollar Baby "Baby" (Wayne and Trish James) , FC Trinity's Sudden Impact "Callahan" (Don Bonnice and Kim DeTurk), and FC Chukarhill Rimrock Eiger "Kip" (Cindy Findley). This group of winning get are just entering their prime at five years old and have more winning to do! Dazzle now can rest on her laurels (and on the couch) while her "get" produce grandchildren that are also starting their successful careers in the field.

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