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We have been involved with various rescue organizations for about 20 years.  We firmly believe that if one breeds, one should also rescue - the pet overpopulation problem can not be ignored.  We do everything possible to ensure our own pups never end up in a shelter or rescue situation, and when we can, we offer sanctuary to a couple of dogs who need a temporary place to call home until their permanent home comes calling.

The dogs on this page are available to approved homes.  There is a screening process and small adoption fee of $150, which doesn't even begin to cover the cost of medical care and upkeep provided to these guys while they are in foster care.  While here, they are treated like one of our own dogs.  We do our best to socialize, housetrain, and give honest evaluations of them so they will be successful in their new homes.


Kobe is 1/2 Vizsla and 1/2 GSP. He was born 4/21/08, the result of an ill-fated love affair.  He has an impressive pedigree, even if it is two different breeds!  He is neutered, current on vaccinations, and on heartworm prevention.

Kobe is a good boy, high-energy but pretty well-behaved.  However, he is hard-wired to hunt, hunt, and hunt some more.  He is more of a fur hunter than feather.  If you have a squirrel, mouse, or lizard problem, Kobe is your boy! He is a serious "critter gitter"! He has been known to climb trees to try to get his prey. I would love to find Kobe a home where this prey drive is appreciated.

Kobe is housetrained, has basic obedience training (needs a refresher course for sure), and gets along well with other dogs.  He can be vocal when upset or excited. He is sweet and outgoing. Kobe loves his crate, which is where he sleeps at night. He can escape from most fences but is not a runaway.

For more info on Vizsla Adoptions in the Southeast, contact:

Florida Vizsla Rescue: 

Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta


For info on English Setter adoptions, contact:

Magnolia Setter Rescue:

ACES (Another Chance for English Setters:

For general adoptions of all breeds, the best source is  Most rescue organizations list their available dogs on this site.



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