Quality Vizslas and English Setters


"Why do we breed dogs?"

This should be the first question you ask any breeder.  Every time we breed a litter, we are trying to improve upon the parent's qualities and the breed as a whole.  Pairings are based on the pedigree, performance and genotype of the parents in an effort to improve our lines and produce puppies that will be excellent representatives of the breed.


Cost of Puppies & Guarantees

Our Vizsla puppies generally sell for $1200; English Setter puppies can range from $500 to $750.  This includes the cost of microchipping and AKC registration.  If you are "shopping price" please follow this link to to read an excellent article on the economics of buying a puppy. 

We offer a 3-year guarantee against hip dysplasia and 2-year guarantee against any hereditary defects that affect quality of life.  Before they leave our home, pups will have received age-appropriate vaccinations,  dewormings, and microchipping.  We suggest you take your puppy to the vet within the first few days for a check-up.  If your vet finds anything wrong and you wish to return the pup we will gladly take it back.

AKC Registration
All pups are AKC registered and cost of registration is included in your purchase price.  Our pups are sold with Limited Registration, which means that you can compete in all AKC venues except conformation ("dog shows").  Limited Registration also means that you may not breed the dog and any puppies produced by the dog are NOT acceptable for registration.  Limited Registration can be changed to Full Registration at our discretion.

Most of our adult dogs are registered with other registries - UKC and FDSB - in addition to AKC.  If you are interested in registering your puppy with multiple registries, please let us know.

Each litter has a naming "theme" reflected in the registered name of each puppy.  We encourage our puppy buyers to be involved in the naming process if possible. 


How Our Puppies Are Raised

The quick answer is indoors and underfoot.

We raise our puppies using Jerry Hope's "SuperStar Dog" program, which involves bio-sensing to stimulate neurological brain development.  They are introduced to as many stimuli as possible while they are here with us.  Our pups are whelped and raised indoors, and they meet and greet every dog and person who comes through the door.  Our pups are "super-socialized" by the time a buyer takes them home.

We also take the time to start crate-training around age 6 weeks, and by age 10 weeks when a pup goes home with its new family it should be sleeping in a crate overnight.  Our puppies are used to wearing collars from the second they are born, so there will never be a huge temper tantrum over putting a collar on one when a buyer gets it home.

When our puppies are about 7-8 weeks old, we evaluate them to determine their basic temperament traits, social development, and prey drive.  At age 8 weeks, they are evaluated for structure strengths and weaknesses.  These two evaluations help us determine which puppy/puppies will be a good match for which new home.  Based on the results of the evaluations, we will assist our buyers in making the best selection for their family.  We know our pups, we have watched them and lived with them since they were born.  We ask that our buyers trust us to help pick a puppy for them. 

We will interview potential buyers via questionnaires and telephone calls, and strongly encourage you to come visit prior to actually picking up your puppy.  Seeing new puppy owners interact with the entire litter and our adult dogs will help us in suggest the right pup.

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