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We have been involved with various rescue organizations for about 15 years.  We firmly believe that if one breeds, one should also rescue - the pet overpopulation problem can not be ignored.  We do everything possible to ensure our own pups never end up in a shelter or rescue situation, and when we can, we offer sanctuary to a couple of dogs who need a temporary place to call home until their permanent home comes calling.

The dogs on this page are available through Second Chance Dog Rescue.  There is an application process and small adoption fee of $150, which doesn't even begin to cover the cost of medical care and upkeep provided to these guys while they are in foster care.  While here, they are treated like one of our own dogs.  We do our best to socialize, housetrain, and give honest evaluations of them so they will be successful in their new homes.



Huey is a very sweet male English Setter.  He was rescued from an area Animal Control shelter where he had been impounded as a stray.  At the time of his rescue, he was covered in ticks and extremely thin.  He was also very afraid of people.  Right after he was pulled from the shelter, he collapsed and had to be rushed to the vet for emergency treatment.  Thank goodness we weren't a day later!

  Huey is approximately 8 years old, 42 pounds, white with light orange ticking.  He is humble and friendly, although sometimes shy with new people.  He has learned that people are friendly and can be counted on for treats and soft petting, which he loves!  He loves to play and gets along well with other dogs.  He is ok with our friendly cat.  He is very athletic and loves to get out and run in our 10-acre pasture.  Huey has shown himself to be very "birdy" and loves to hunt and point, but he IS GUNSHY and can not be used as a hunting dog.  (Huey is also afraid of thunderstorms - yeah, he's a big baby.)   

Huey has a very high activity level and needs a lot of exercise.  A large, securely fenced yard is definitely needed!  He is able to climb our 5-foot chain-link, but we have a hotwire run around the top and that stops him quite easily.  Leash-walking would NOT provide Huey with enough exercise!  As active as he is outside, when he is indoors Huey prefers to loaf on the sofa - the ultimate couch potato!  If there is a person to cuddle on the couch with him, he is in doggy heaven!


For more info on Vizsla Adoptions in the Southeast, contact:

Florida Vizsla Rescue: 

Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta


For info on English Setter adoptions, contact:

Magnolia Setter Rescue:

ACES (Another Chance for English Setters:

For general adoptions of all breeds, the best source is  Most rescue organizations list their available dogs on this site.



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